ENJOYING THE SINGLE YOU – Part 1 5/01/2014

Being single is a bridge to your marriage — Whiles living your single life, you are building a life into your marriage; your time of double.

As a single man or woman, your life can be likened to a game of football. The single phase of your life is the first half of the match and whatever you do during this period goes towards the last 45minutes of the game — the second half; full time which is your marriage.

The decisions you make whilst single affect the outcome of your marriage.

Being single is not a curse. It is an opportunity to prepare yourself for the second half of the match. Everyone has been single before and no one was born married.

The best way to live a single life is to live a fulfilled, enjoyable single life by investing into your personal growth. You can take up a hobby, pursue a course, network with like minded people and empower yourself to make you more rounded and grounded before you enter marriage.

Loneliness is not the reason for marriage and an unfulfilled single person should not expect that they will definitely find fulfilment when they marry.

Perhaps this famous quote by Carrie Bradshaw’s character in ‘Sex & The City’ sums it best: “The most exciting, challenging & significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you that YOU love… Well, that’s just fabulous.” – Carrie Bradshaw, SATC


With Guests and resident Counsellor

With Guests and resident Counsellor



  1. I laughed uncontrollably in my room when Cyril started talking. He did hit the nail right on the head when he submitted that most women will come and leave their panties and hair in your room just as a way of solidifying their stay. And his definition of being single is splendid. Before you came i didn’t like the show but hey you are doing totally different. Thanks for the way you treat the topics and the insights that are always brought to bear.


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