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Your Oppressor is Oppressed Too

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Motivation by Toure

Motivation by Toure

Oppression can take various forms and it can come from different angles – from home, work, school, church, in a relationship, the list is endless.

Sometime the least of those you think are capable of doing it, are your oppressors.

Unlike those who will be very overt about it, others are very subtle. You won’t believe it even it they confessed they were your oppressor.

But there’s a theory. And I know that perhaps you’ll agree with my theory. Like a cork in water, someone has to constantly hold it down for it to remain there. A cork is meant to float on water, not to sink because its paperweight light. This means someone has to intentionally and persistently hold the cork down for it to remain there. What the person holding the cork down doesn’t realise is that, as much as they hold the cork down, they hold themselves down too. You see, you have to exert energy and pressure on this cork for it to remain beneath the water.

Whiles you’re pressing the cork down; you’re pressing yourself down.

It is only when you release it that you also find freedom.

So your oppressor is also oppressed. They may not know it but they also under some form of oppression by oppressing you.

The longer they hold you down, the longer they hold themselves down.


Chale Wote: Taking art to the streets

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chale 2

The CHALE WOTE [literally means, Chale let’s go in the Ga dialect] street art festival is in its 5th year i believe and i have sat back and enjoyed snippets of the street painting, graffiti murals, photography, theatre, spoken word, interactive art installations, live street performances, extreme sports, film shows, fashion parades, music block party, recyclable design workshops and much more from my social media feed from friends like Anny Osabutey, who is going to miss this year’s event because he is in grad school in the U.S., Nehemiah Attigah and the clan.  This year however, I’m tempted to step out there with my camera and capture the sights and sounds of this beautiful showcase and have a feel of it for myself.

This event has actually put Ghana on the map. Its proof of what passion can do. Here’s the little i picked up about the 2015 event.

Samba in the street

Samba in the street

Life on the street
Jamestown district in Accra welcomes everyone to live right on the streets where the showcase will be taking place. For four days, various artists and art enthusiasts will take to the streets to display their creativity and break new grounds.

The district in itself is significant for its part in the colonial history of the city. Chale Wote brilliantly turns the streets to an open gallery while highlighting the history and culture of the people of this area.

All about alternative art

Chale Wote is designed as a platform to create a unique interaction between arts, performance, music and fashion before a live audience on the streets. The festival is a properly baked cultural outlet that features varying forms of art. This is one of such events that give you that genuine art experience – you just want to reach out and touch it.

The streets of Jamestown, Accra come alive to offer everyone around the opportunity to be one with art. Chale Wote features graffiti murals, interactive installations, street art and performances, fashion parade, street boxing, cultural dance, spoken word and many more creative art forms. It is incredible the efforts put in by the various artists to deliver such highly artistic experience.

Lights... Camera... ACTION!

Lights… Camera… ACTION!

Open Runway
Feel free to make a fashion statement when you attend the festival; you will be in good company. The street fashion game is top-notch at the festival. Also, there will be fashion designers at the festival showcasing their creative designs on the Open Runway.

Food marketplace
In the legendary words/lyrics of the Nigerian superstar, Wizkid “Shey you go chop Banku?” The delicacy has crossed the border and now sits comfortably in a top Nigerian song. If your answer to Wizkid is a definite yes, there is no better time to try Banku and other delicacies in Accra than in the festive mood.

Unlimited Fun for Free!
The festival is a proof that the best things in life don’t necessarily need to cost you a dime. There is no gate fee whatsoever. All you have to do is be on the streets of Jamestown, Accra to experience the amazing showcase that will be taking place.

Apart from the arts and music, you can check out other features like the fascinating extreme sports, skating and motorcycle stunts. By now you already know the festival is a complete package. The fun is unlimited.

This year’s edition is tagged the African Electronics and will be happening from August 20 – 23. See you there!!


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Thousands March for peace in Ghana

Thousands March for peace in Ghana

If you slap me and I turn the other cheek rather than retaliate; I choose peace.
If you speak ill of me and rather than confront you I walk away; I choose peace.
If you curse me and I bless you instead; I choose peace.
If you break me and I pick up the pieces and rebuild; I choose peace.
As the saying goes you can break my skin but not my spirit.
Everything I do; I do by choice.

Peace or war is a matter of choice.
I choose peace for myself and the generations yet unborn.
A week to the crucial December 7th Ghana general elections and I pledge to be an instrument of peace rather than hate or war.

I have just one home.
Though I have been all around the world, Ghana is where I call home.
And if I desire anything this Christmas, it is the gift of peace.

Let’s give peace a chance in Ghana; Let’s choose peace.

May the peace of God that passes all understanding be with Ghana and all who dwell in her now and forever.


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Foundation [faʊnˈdeɪʃən] n

1. that on which something is founded; basis
2. (Miscellaneous Technologies / Building) (often plural) a construction below the ground that distributes the load of a building, wall, etc.
3. the base on which something stands
4. the act of founding or establishing or the state of being founded or established
I love make-up. It is part of my everyday grooming–adds a dash of daze and a pinch of pizzazz to my look for the day. Way back in my teens when i discovered my femininity and make-up, I learnt one valuable lesson in make-up application–your perfectly  made up face was contingent on one vital thing–the Foundation.  Every woman who loves make-up knows the value of a good foundation because it sets the right tone for a flawless finish.  Before i understood the essence of a great foundation I would touch-up my make-up so often it became a chore.  It was what i knew;  but i have since learnt better–a great foundation was the difference between a flawless face and a ‘gbonyo’ face as we say in Ghana. If it meant spending my last penny, peswa or cent on a good, luxuries foundation, I would, because to me its a worthwhile investment.
Wondering what I’m on about? No! I’m not giving you a lesson in make-up artistry.  I just want to wake you up; if you aren’t already awake, to the choices you have made, are in the process of making and will make in the future.
As children; our parents, guardians, carerers etc would have tried all they could to give us a good start in life. Some people got good education, others investments, others advice, some life lessons that would make them women and men of honour, others got it all whiles others had nothing.  One thing which is certain is that whether we believe it or not, we all got something–something which they thought we needed.  Someting that would set us up for the rest of our natural lives.
We are grown now and we hold our destiny in our own hands. No one decides for us anymore. One thing is certain, good or bad, one foundation or perhaps several more have already been laid. When you look at your life this very minute what do you see? Where is your life headed? Do you like what you see? If Yes, can it be improved upon? If No, what can you do to change it? You may need to get out of a bad relationships or an unfulfilling job or an unhealthy lifestyle. Maybe yours is an attitude or a state of mind. It could be the fear of the unknown. Whatever it is resolve to do something about it. There is no time like the persent and its never too late to start over. But when you do, remember to build a better, stronger foundation.
‘gbonyo’ face — horrorble face
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