I’ll say, I’m Pragmatic and competitive. Spontaneous yet Cautious. Nurturing, Energetic and Peaceful at the same time. I definitely have an adventurous streak – whether it’s trying out an exotic recipe in the kitchen or traveling the world. I am also witty and I have a charm about me. I am humane, genuine and value respect. I endeavour to stay true to myself while still continuing on my journey to self-discovery and know who I truly am – A woman with the world as her Oyster. 

I believe everything can be stripped away from me, but who I am will always be like a shadow trailing behind me. 

I like to laugh and do silly things — Life is about beautiful little moments and I try to have as much of those as possible–that include the love of traveling, cooking, shopping and oh…. sleeping. 

I tend to be very analytical in my approach….that can be very annoying at times but hey we all have our quirks so I guess that’s okay. I’m drawn to the deeper things about people and life — Love, Compassion, Faithfulness, Loyalty, Honesty, Contentment, Appreciation, Genuine sincerity, Mindfulness especially in the present world we live in where hypocrisy, flakiness, and shallow-mindedness seem to be the norm. 

I value my religion and spirituality — a deeper kind that leaves you bare and connected to the most High God — my maker. I appreciate its sense of fulfillment, simplicity, and beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I am not your “holy-holy-super-Christian-sister” type, I merely strive to live my life with the gracious help and boundless love of an amazing God — That’s all we can do at the end of the day.



Laughing is essential. Flossing is important. Perfection is impossible. Better to be single than to be in a bad relationship. If it’s worth it, I’ll work for it; if it’s not, I won’t. Don’t say anything you’ll regret because you can’t take it back. Your Happiness will not come from someone else. It will only come from taking care of yourself, feeling good about yourself and knowing that the time you invest in your personal growth is the best contribution you can make to a relationship you have with other people. Finally, you must expose yourself emotionally — it’s the only way to reap love’s greatest rewards.


Well, he will not only fascinate me but will also bring out the best in me. We’ll push each other to be the greatest people we can be. We bolster each other’s egos and we leave short, thoughtful love messages for each other when we’re away from each other more than a day. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, have a strong sense of self and aren’t afraid to expose your flaws, I’m sure we’ll get along just fine.


“There is no failure more disastrous than the success that leaves God out.”

““Dum spiro, spero (Latin), “While I breathe, I hope.””

“If one dream dies; dream another dream.”

 “The time is always right to do what is right.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

 “The most exciting, challenging & significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you that YOU love… Well, that’s just fabulous.” – Carrie Bradshaw, SATC

 “You can always create your own experience of life in a beautiful and enjoyable way if you keep your love turned on within you – regardless of what other people say or do.” – Ken Keyes

 “He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love.” – Martin Luther King

 “In Life what sometimes appears to be the end is actually a new beginning.” 

 “When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out.” 

 “Today, I was buried with Christ in baptism and arose to walk in newness of life.”

 “Everything has its wonders, even darkness, and silence, and I learn, whatever state I may be in, therein to be content.”

 “In order to create there must be a dynamic force, and what force is more potent than love?”

 “Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell.”

 “Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind the stronger the trees.” ANON  

Whew!! That was long, but I hope you were thoroughly engaged.

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