Eyes of Fear

Eyes of Fear

What if I don’t make it?
What if I fall along the way like all the others before me who are struggling to pull themselves back up.

Pull themselves up out of a mess they didn’t create but have had to accept responsibility for.

I want to launch out but the rate at which things are deteriorating I fear it’ll be almost suicidal to spread my wings let alone attempt to fly.

It is a sorry state of affairs.
My wings have been clipped by a systems with leaders who cannot answer a simple Yes or No to my questions but would rather give me words that have no real meaning.

A system that has made me almost forget my upbringing.
A system that is turning everyone passive aggressive.
I’m even afraid to tell you my true feelings because who knows, the ‘wrong’ person/people might read this and bring me untold hardship.
Heck I’m even afraid to dream because I would have wasted emotion on something I cannot see through.

God knows I’m trying, yet fear is keeping me from living my best life.
Like the walls of Jericho, fear has encased me in perpetual delirium.
I need to break free but freedom also comes at a cost. A price I may never be able to pay.

Sadly though, there are so many of me around — over 20 million.

There is an answer which I seek. One that will dispel the fear. One that will return the glint in my eyes, the joy in my heart and my hope for tomorrow.

It’s a simple statement.

That mine and your Ghana will work again and soon.


2 Responses to “I’M AFRAID”

  1. Nwa Oka Says:

    Marian, I watch your program on Joy News. You are a captivating presenter. But on this post do not allow fear to warp your view. Have faith for with it you can move mountains. Yes Ghana’s economy is in a bad state but it is not the end of the world and it will recover. Remember the world is a long walk of progress. We lived in caves centuries ago wearing animal skins. Today everywhere in the world we are in a better place.

    Ghana has all the hallmarks for greatness. Its government is trying to do the right thing, its citizenry are highly self-critical and the world is beating a path to Ghana. In your posts from 2010 you noted that the Lebanese, Nigerians and Chinese are buying up property in Ghana. This is a good sign of confidence in Ghana because immigrant entrepreneurs on average are harbingers of progress. Remember there are over 190 countries in the world to go to but how many of these people do you see running to Niger, Chad, Mali, Burkina Faso, Liberia or Sierra Leone? How many are seeking opportunities in DR Congo, Burundi, Somalia, Sudan? Ghana should not seek to limit foreign investment (fear) but welcome investors, foreigners, regulate it without bias and encourage Ghanaians to learn and benefit from the global interest.


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