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Posted in Uncategorized on July 30, 2014 by Marian Toure
Eyes of Fear

Eyes of Fear

What if I don’t make it?
What if I fall along the way like all the others before me who are struggling to pull themselves back up.

Pull themselves up out of a mess they didn’t create but have had to accept responsibility for.

I want to launch out but the rate at which things are deteriorating I fear it’ll be almost suicidal to spread my wings let alone attempt to fly.

It is a sorry state of affairs.
My wings have been clipped by a systems with leaders who cannot answer a simple Yes or No to my questions but would rather give me words that have no real meaning.

A system that has made me almost forget my upbringing.
A system that is turning everyone passive aggressive.
I’m even afraid to tell you my true feelings because who knows, the ‘wrong’ person/people might read this and bring me untold hardship.
Heck I’m even afraid to dream because I would have wasted emotion on something I cannot see through.

God knows I’m trying, yet fear is keeping me from living my best life.
Like the walls of Jericho, fear has encased me in perpetual delirium.
I need to break free but freedom also comes at a cost. A price I may never be able to pay.

Sadly though, there are so many of me around — over 20 million.

There is an answer which I seek. One that will dispel the fear. One that will return the glint in my eyes, the joy in my heart and my hope for tomorrow.

It’s a simple statement.

That mine and your Ghana will work again and soon.

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