Thousands March for peace in Ghana

Thousands March for peace in Ghana

If you slap me and I turn the other cheek rather than retaliate; I choose peace.
If you speak ill of me and rather than confront you I walk away; I choose peace.
If you curse me and I bless you instead; I choose peace.
If you break me and I pick up the pieces and rebuild; I choose peace.
As the saying goes you can break my skin but not my spirit.
Everything I do; I do by choice.

Peace or war is a matter of choice.
I choose peace for myself and the generations yet unborn.
A week to the crucial December 7th Ghana general elections and I pledge to be an instrument of peace rather than hate or war.

I have just one home.
Though I have been all around the world, Ghana is where I call home.
And if I desire anything this Christmas, it is the gift of peace.

Let’s give peace a chance in Ghana; Let’s choose peace.

May the peace of God that passes all understanding be with Ghana and all who dwell in her now and forever.


5 Responses to “I CHOOSE PEACE”

  1. Q. Gilmore Says:

    Saying Hello From Washington DC!!! I just wanted to say WOW!!! Very powerful words of Peace!!! I love it and Read it and Read it again. You thought of this thru your heart and it will be delivered. You own it now. “Peace”

    I leave you with this: Disappointment should never be a discouragement. Lord, I will look for the good in every event of my life and use each to prepare me for greater things to come.

    Thanks again for this blog! I’ll be checking back


  2. Maame Efua Says:

    Sweetness well done. I am standing with you. I CHOOSE PEACE TOO. God richly bless you.


  3. I choose progress. We have peace, we’ve demonstrated it long enough.


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