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Posted in Uncategorized on May 17, 2011 by Marian Toure

At my physical ocean in Long Island, New York

Deep inside my imagination lays a place, a place where I go to find inner peace, seek spiritual guidance, renewal and answers to questions—question about my reason for being here, questions about love and loss, joy and pain, laughter and tears—questions about life. This place is a place where the waves of the ocean drown out the noise of the world in my head and in quiet reflection I seek, rest and listen for that still small voice—the voice that whispers to me, answers to my questions. This place is my ocean.
The word of God in Luke 17:21b, reminds me that: the kingdom of God is within …” me, so it is within that I journey to find these answers. As I journey, I find an intimate place of oneness with my maker and Lord, an intimacy which is possible only between two so entwined. I listen to the whispers of the ocean which soon turn to a gentle voice found deep within my spirit, and I find enlightenment.
This ocean, albeit a physical place, symbolizes to me a spiritual place that I can go to knock and the door of Truth will be open to me; a spiritual place that I can go to seek to find answers to questions, and a spiritual place that I can go to ask  in the prayer that my: “outward and inward man [woman] be at one”.
We all have a place of spiritual renewal within us, “your own ocean, or meadow or woods” whatever you may choose to call it.  If you do not have one, I encourage you to find a place you can go and commune with the God of all creation. A place where you find peace.

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