Some 5years ago when I was in Ghana, I took a walk almost every night and didn’t feel afraid for my safety but that has completely changed. Two months ago a friend of mine was robbed with a machete and a loaded gun by a gang whilst driving home after 11pm by some Nigerian and Ghanaian armed robbers. He tried to escape but wasn’t lucky – as he backed up, his rear tire got caught in a pot hole [more like a death trap] which shut the engine off and he was left at their mercy. They managed to flee with an obscene amount of money which he had received earlier that day to clear a car from the Tema Harbour. But for the mercies of God, Ebo [surname withheld] wouldn’t have lived to tell his tale. These armed robbers use guns which according to reliable sources can be traced back to the National police service and armed force. How desperate can one get that he will betray his country and oath of office. Does it ever occur to these people, that the robbers could turn on them and their own families in the future??? Selling AK 47s registered to the Government of Ghana to people who intend to wreak havoc on its citizens? Unthinkable!

In a very twisted way most Ghanaians feel justified when they kill a thief or armed robber. I live on the other side of town—towards McCarthy Hills in Accra, where a thief was left for dead on the streets for stealing a car battery just a few days before Christmas. I must say the news saddened me because I felt the punishment he received was rather harsh and no one deserved to be beaten to death irrespective of the nature of their crime. But my 70-something year old grandmother put it into perspective for me, “he will kill you to rob you or escape if he has to so it’s his life or yours, you choose”, she said. “God forbid something like that ever happens to us grandma”, I exclaimed. I guess she is right but life is a precious gift and I don’t believe anyone should take it but the maker – armed robber or otherwise.

Fulani nomads are destroying farms and raping woman at gun point in broad daylight with AK47s and cutlasses in the Ashanti Akim district of the Ashanti region of Ghana. Who is responsible for tackling crime in Ghana??? How can freaking Nomads ride camels into Ghana and take over a spot and rule it? I have never heard any group of Ghanaians going to Europe or American or even a neighbouring African country to disrespect its citizens like that. Even Nick Thatcher, a British and son of former Prime Minister of Great Britain Margaret Thatcher and his co-ops decide to take over Guinea-Bissau because it had resources they needed? I still haven’t fully wrapped my head around that and how the court case started and ended. I always thought borders and boundaries were there for a reason.
Wake up people! Wake up Ghana!!! Wake up Africa!!!


4 Responses to “CAPITAL CRISIS”

  1. Hmm, the crime situation is getting worse eh. I’ve had loved ones robbed before and news of the police selling AK47’s to citizens is completely messed up.

    Thanks for shedding light on this issue.


  2. Edward Adom Says:

    Thought provoking stuff. Keep it coming.


  3. Gr8 piece, This fulani’s seem to be taking our leniency to be our weakness.Its so irritating.Something has to be done about it with”immediate alacrity”.


  4. This makes for good reading. Keep it up, babygirl.
    My younger sister experienced a similar attack quite recently and by His Merciful Grace, survived unhurt. Frankly I am amazed how unsafe the country has become. I remeber days gone by when one can walk freely late in the night without fear of being attacked in any form or shape – its an utter disgrace. And to think our own National Police are encouraging this sort of behaviour by the very citizens of the nation is utterly despicable. How low can people get and what ever happened to the pledge all citizens of Ghana took to ‘uphold and defend the good name of Ghana’? Its all so laughable come to think of it. Where is the freedom and justice? Sold for a mere pittence I think. We all must be careful and extra vigilant at all times, day or night. The country is fast becoming like the those in the West – where one must be suspicious of ones neighbour. I’m getting wild on this issue so I’d leave it here – peace out and y’all be safe out there.


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