Call me a BLOG VIRGIN; although I am not a stranger on this subject – I have contributed and commented on many a blogs – but this is officially my first written blog. Hooray!!!

We are in 2010; the world as we know it is constantly changing and we are becoming increasingly caught up in each other’s lives. We are either on Twitter, MySpace, Hi5, Facebook or some other social networking site where we interact with each other. Some of us are so addicted to these networking sites, we find ourselves on a few of them at a time — A confession; I am a Facebook addict and you’ll also find me on one or two other social networking sites.

I decided to join the many bloggers around the globe because I had a lot to say about everything and I promised myself to do better on that front this year. To borrow from the famous Mahatma Gandhi; I want to “be the change I want to see” and also because we all have a voice within us which needs to be heard by everyone and anyone who is willing to listen. We cannot rely only on our governments, leaders, elected officials and peers to be our eyes and ears – we have to look out for ourselves and each other on the social front, as well as on health and economics, on Africa and the world as a whole. We live in a global village after all and therefore need to have dialogue, share our views, opinions and ideas and also learn from each other. There is an Akan saying that goes: “minku me trim, e pro” – Knowledge not shared is wasted.

So let’s dialogue with one another. May the almighty be with us all in this New Year and the years to come.

Happy blogging!



  1. Eddie Lartey Says:

    Good Reading. Thumbs up & say it LOUD!!


  2. Ama Atta Says:

    About time you did something like this. The sky is the limit — unleash your creativity baby girl. Can’t wait to read more from you.


  3. Miss Del Says:

    This should be interesting..i shall be making time in my busy schedule to catch up on your blogs. I know you gat a LOT to say girl..lol


    • Thanks for your vote of confidence Del. I also hope that you will be the first to let me know when i make a mistake and if i am going the wrong way and point me in the right direction.


  4. purrfect start to the new year. LIVE your DrEaMs.


  5. Baffour Says:

    Keep blogging cos i’ll definitely keep reading. Great idea, always knew you had it in you to do something like this.


  6. Thanks B, hope I don’t disappoint.


  7. acheampong_akwesi@yahoo.com Says:

    Marian this is real talent and of course wonderful and exciting…..keep it up. where have you been…i hope u still remember me, if no? then i will tell you….Presby Experimental. Can I get to talk on phone this my no ********. AKWESI ACHEAMPONG


    • Thanks Akwesi and Yes i do remember you, how can i forget. Will spare the details for the phone. I’ll be in touch at my earliest convinience and soon. God bless.


  8. very insightful and quite profound. the blogger in me leaped on excitement after reading your piece. more grease to all the places that need greasing.


  9. Thanks Benji. I hope that I don’t disappoint you ooo and I’ll be sure to top-up the grease every now and then. 🙂


  10. naa lamiley Says:

    Very impressive Mariam. How come ur last posting was in January. Can’t wait to read ur next one. Call me.


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